To celebrate the relaunch of our revamped website we are offering some stunning Serpentus Bred snakes and their starter set up for £70.

Nelsons Milk (albino)

Assorted Californian King

Kenyan Sand Boa (normal)

In a Serpentus Plug and Play Starter Kit. Which include a months supply of free food. A care consultation with a care sheet & access to the after care service. All for £70.


29th January 2014

Seems we have far too many Adult Normal Mal Corn Snakes in our own personal collection. (well Ryans)

So how about we find them some new homes? £150 all in.

  • Adult Male Corn
  • Set ups individually designed for your new corn.
  • Viv Exotic 3ft Tank available in three colours
  • Heat Mat and Mat Stat
  • All aesthetics to make your new baby happy and healthy at home
  • Free food to get you started
  • Care consultation with care sheet
  • Access to the aftercare service (including a 24 hour text helpline)


Any questions just holler.

25th January 2014

Happy Burns Day!

So how about Scottish Bred 2013 Bredl Pythons? Absolutely stunning wee babies available. Open 12-6pm

19th December 2013

Opening times over the Festive Period: 

Christmas Eve 12-6pm 

Christmas Day CLOSED 

Boxing Day 12-3pm 

Back to normal hours until :: Hogmanay when we are CLOSED 

New Years Day CLOSED

2nd of January 12-3pm 

3rd of January back to regular hours.

*During this time the emergency Text Service will still be active as will contact through email & Facebook.*


9th December 2013

Afternoon! How are you all doing? Today's Reptile Advent is the Kenyan Sand Boa. To celebrate our relaunch of the website the little cuties, along with a few others are being sold for £70 with a Serpentus Plug &Play Starter Kit. Pop in today between 12-6pm to find yourself a new scaley baby!


8th December 2013

Morning! today's Reptile Advent is the beautiful & very elegant Desert Iguana. These are vegetarian so no need for bugs & beasties! Pop in for a coffee & a chat with a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team & cuddle some truly amazing Captive Bred Reptiles, Open 12-6pm today.


7th December 2013

Morning! *waves* how are you all doing? Well during your Christmas Shopping pop in for a cuppa with the team & escape the chaos for some reptilian fun. Open 12-6pm Today's Reptile Advent is the beautiful Chinese Water Dragon. Have a good day!



6th December 2013

Morning! Wrap up warm it is blooming cold out there! Something to warm you up? Reptile Advent today is Chameleons. So if you fancy a cuddle from a Chameleon pop in today: open 12-6pm. I'm in today and we all know I make the best tea & coffee!!


5th December 2013

Hurricane Jingle Baws won't stop Serpentus! Open 12-6pm & the Team are looking forward to having a chat over a cuppa! Reptile Advent today is...the unusual but utterly stunning Cave Gecko.


4th December 2013

Christmas Boas for our Reptile Advent today! We have a few in store of various morphs, ages, sex & sizes! Open today 12-6pm pop in for a cuddle, a cuppa & a chat with our Team & of course some cracking reptiles!


3rd December 2013

Today's Reptile Advent is... The Leopard Tortoise. We have a few available all believed to be male. There are a few options on housing for these guys so pop in for a chat & see which option suits you, your home & family best.


2nd December 2013

And today's Reptile Advent is....beautiful Gargoyle Geckos. We breed our own so the adults can be seen: we have both striped & mottled available. As well as full starter set ups (which include some free live food, free CGD,free vitamins. Care sheet. Access to our extensive after care service & the Upgrade system) if you have any questions just holler!


1st December 2013

On the first day of our Advent 'Calendar' we have a Royal Family! Open 12-6pm everyday except a Tuesday when we are closed. Kettle is always on & our team is known to be friendly & helpful. Why not pop in for a cuppa, cuddle & chat & meet the Serpentus Reptilian Royal Family!?!


21st November 2013

Thank you to Angela Keppie for the picture of the Lithium Male Royal Python we have available in store. (We also have a female) these wee guys hatched on our wedding anniversary.


17th November 2013

Look can you see Serpentus!? Can you imagine going back in time and telling the wee boy in the picture that in the future Snakes, Lizards, Arachnids, Chelonia, bugs and beasties would be in the building at the end of the road!?!


7th November 2013

Good afternoon! Well yesterday was officially Mexican Black King Snake Day! but during all the MBK talk we had enquiries about Hognose Snakes. We still have a few of this years clutch available. Serpentus Bred Normal (Het Albino) now these are stunning as they are from MY beautiful babies (nowt to do with Ryan!! :D) open 12-6pm pop in for a cuddle, cuppa and chat!


30th October 2013

ExoTerra have introduced a range of cabinets specifically designed for their glass terrariums. These are in black to complement the trim on the vivarium’s and have a storage area with glass doors. Available from next week. Let us know what you think!


17th August 2013

Craig has found another one this morning! Think we are up into the thirties this year so far!

crested gecko

15th August 2013

Loverly pictures taken by our own Sophie Roe.
Should you have any questions or queries just PM me or give the shop a bell on 01383 620203 or better still pop in for a cuddle and a coffee!!

To see the rest of Sophies Photographs click here.


12th August 2013

Here are a few pictures of some animals we have available.

If you have any questions just holler!

Massive THANK YOU to Christine Irving who took the pictures.


Click here to see the rest.

2nd August 2013

The weekend is upon us once again. Are you adding to your reptile family over the weekend?
Maybe we can tempt you with some new babies we have just put on the shop floor?
Including :: CB Tokays :: (our own) Albino Hognoses :: CB Water Dragons and so much more!
We are open 12-6pm why not pop in for a coffee and a chat and have a cuddle with a reptile it two?! ;D

27th July 2013

Look what Craig just found!
We breed a lot of these wee babies every year; but every single one is loved and cherished before they go to new homes.
I lurve cresties! x

crested gecko

29th June 2013

Just hatched over the last 48 hours! ;), more pictures on our Breeding Page.


29th June 2013

Four wee Leopard Geckos arrived yesterday! Two very funky ones! ;)

baby leopard geckos

20th June 2013

Just too delish and cute! We've just finally got more of these in!

milk frogs

8th June 2013

Morning! Enjoying the sunshine? Update on some new arrivals.
::(ROYALS), Albino, Yellowbelly, Butter, Orange Ghost, Lithiums, Normals, Red Axanthic, Woma & Axanthic.
:: we have lots of other beautiful snakes, lizards, arachnids, amphibians and tortoises as well as new dry stock and new products. Pop in before you start your BBQ today!

plug and play

Serpentus Exotics offer a unique service of building and setting up your new enclosure.

after care service

social aspect

At Fife's first and only Social Reptile shop you will find helpful friendly staff and like minded people to share a coffee and a chat about all that is reptile!